About Us

Discovery Crew is a student-led group that is committed to providing science exploration videos to young learners.

We are made up of a group of 25 undergraduate students who are passionate about teaching STEM to young students.

When COVID-19 caused kids’ summer camps to be cancelled, we saw an opportunity to give back to our communities.  When thousands of children lost their summer camps leaving them without structure, education, and entertainment, we saw the need to create an interactive STEM-focused video series. 

We knew that with our collective knowledge of STEM, we could help parents keep their kids busy, learning in a safe and constructive manner. The videos that we produce are a great resource for kids, parents, and educators.  Our video series is family friendly and is appropriate for children of all ages. 

Additionally, we want to encourage diversity in STEM. Many members of our team have dealt with the difficulties not having older role models in STEM that we can relate to, causing us to doubt if we could actually succeed in science.

We have come together from every corner of the U.S. (and Germany) to form a virtual community, donating our time, energy, and money to create this exciting resource for kids, parents, and educators! You can explore who we are further on Our Team. We welcome feedback, advice, and interest in getting involved!

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